Adoption: To Be Born In Our Heart

Adoption: born in heartFrom the time we got married, Robert and I always talked about the potential of adopting children. My mom was adopted at age three and my step father adopted me when I was 6. Adoption sort of runs in my family. We talked about having one of our own and then adopting one. But God had other plans. Adoption became our only plan. Something we wanted so very badly.

I can’t have a baby that grows in my body. My fallopian tubes were severely scared from a serious but mysterious viral infection I had when I was 19 years old. But our desire to grow our family didn’t stop when we heard the news that we could not “have” a baby.

We have fostered four children, we are lucky enough to have adopted one.  We wanted to tell the story of their birth into the McGlynn family. This isn’t the traditional birth story.

The process of fostering to adopt is not an easy one. It is complicated, it is emotional, and it is wonderful. We are so blessed to be able to open our homes and hearts to these children in need, but we also take on their trauma and pain of such humongous loss and terrible acts done to them. Love is a funny thing, it changes you. To be loved is hard for many of these children who have never been loved in a healthy way. To love a child who has these types of needs is something that will change you forever.

ALL adoptions begin with loss. Loss of parents. Loss of the ability to have children. Processing this loss is a labor of deep love. While I don’t think I have ever been the grinch, my heart has grown 10 times larger. And I feel it. But it had to break first to be able to grow.

To say adopted kids are born in our heart is deeply meaningful. They have been desired, manifested, hoped for, longed for, and prayed for. And being loved by an adopted child is EVERYTHING!  My lil’ man was born in my heart and changed me for the better in countless ways.