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A Place To Call Home

The first few years of my life were filled with trying to find a sense of place. There is a lot of information in the following paragraphs but I think it is important for my journey to realize how much moving and changes in my life have contributed to who I am today.


I was born in Alabama. Then we moved to Memphis for my father’s job when I was around a year old. When I was around two and half, my mother left him and we went to Michigan to be with my mother’s adopted family in Holly, Michigan. We stayed there only for a few months and then moved into an apartment. We then moved into a house with one of my mother’s friends who had a daughter too. My mom, then met my dad and they bought a single wide trailer and we moved there. When my mom and dad got married, he moved in. We lived there for about three years and then we moved into the house I grew up in until they sold it during my first year of college. We moved six times between the time I was born and I was eight years old.


With the moves came some change but as luck would have it other reasons made me change schools more too. I started my schooling at a baptist pre-school. I don’t think I was a good fit there. I got lots of spankings and had to wear bloomers and take naps that I had outgrown. I don’t remember it as a fun place.

My parents really liked the Avondale school district. My dad had grown up in it. I stayed with my grandparents during the week, so they used that as my primary residence. I then started Kindergarten at Meadowbrook Elementary and after that year the school closed and they redistricted me to Auburn Elementary school for first grade. I stayed there through third grade. At this time my best friend Micah moved away and I was crushed.

My parents decided to send me to Lake Orion schools this year since that was the district we lived in. So for fourth grade I went to Blanche Sims Elementary School. Then my parents moved again so I was back in the Avondale School District but we lived in a different elementary school zone so I went to Graham Elementary. Then I went to middle school. Which was kind of nice because I knew people from Auburn and Graham there. My school life became much easier after that as we didn’t move again until after high school.

Change and Uncertainty

All this moving and new schools creates a lot of insecurity in anyone let alone a child. Having to always make new friends, having to always lose friends and having lots of uncertainty during critical child development times. I worried a lot as a child. I still worry. I think my father leaving my life and lots of changes so young were really difficult on me. I always tried to put on a brave face for my mom and dad but it was really hard on me. So hard, that during my 5th grade year I had to see a psychologist because I didn’t have any friends. He became my friend and he helped me get through one of the hardest years growing up. I was teased and bullied by the kids at the new school. But I did make a few friends. Some of them I am still in contact with.

Since high school I have had lots more moves and schools.

During high school, I did live a summer each in Spain and Brazil. My family moved to Lake Orion during college and I moved away to school in Grand Rapids. I had to move back due to an illness. I lived there and attended two more colleges before I finished my degree. I lost a lot a friendships along the way there too.

I bought a house with a boyfriend and kind of moved out but then moved back due to calling off my wedding to him. I went to Wayne State and got my graduate degree and  then moved out to an apartment, then in with a friend, then got a house of my own. I was there for 5 years. That is probably the longest I have been anywhere. I got married in April of 2012 to a man in the military and I have moved to NC to be with him. We have been here for a year and half or so. Moving here was really challenging. Making friends later in life is a lot harder than it was in those college years.

What is Home?

I realize how full my home was back in a Northern Suburb of Detroit. I had a huge community of people I knew through school, college, work and community volunteering. My home was rich with activities and relationships.

Making a new home in North Carolina as an army wife has been good but it is hard to create years of connections in such a short time. And I am a bit older than the average army wife so I feel a little out of place at times.

The idea of home has changed for me over the years but it has always been where I feel safe, loved and able to be myself. I felt that growing up with my parents and I feel it now with my husband. Friends do come and go, jobs come and go, homes come and go but the people who are meant to walk with you in this life will be there. You will find them, they will find you and if the relationship is worth it you will do the work and invest the time to nurture it.  You will have brief sparks of friendships, they will dim but they will serve a purpose in your growth. You have to be open to new relationships and put yourself out there. Even if you just find ONE new friend that gets you, its worth it!

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