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Single-Wide Trailer Park and Hot Dogs are the Foundation for a Great Childhood!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I share this story to honor you and to thank you for all the life lessons you taught me.

Because my mother left my biological father with almost nothing when I was about a year old, we didn’t have much for the first few years of my life. When I say much, I mean in the way of “things” and material goods. But as I was so young, I didn’t really know better. I just thought that is the way things were. My mom didn’t fuss or act worried. She made the best of the situation at least in front of me. I am sure she spent many a night fretting over paying bills and feeding me.

What we did have was a whole lot of love.

Hmmm, what does not having much mean? It means, I learned to value what was really important, like relationships and love. My mother taught me to be thankful for what we had, to appreciate each and every blessing along the way, and to never take things for granted. I know that this was super important to her as I was an only child and she never wanted me to be that stereotyped spoiled brat kid. She took me to some of her patients (she was a visiting nurse) houses to provide a home cooked Christmas dinner, we bought presents for their kids and wrapped them. We took in stray animals. She was always showing kindness to others and giving in ways that most people who had way more than we did had never even thought about doing.

I don’t remember lots of presents or being lavished with gifts and toys as a kid. I remember hot dogs for dinner and having fun with my mom on the playground and baking cookies together. These are the memories and real gifts my mother has given me. She taught me to think of others, to have compassion for those less fortunate than myself, and to be thankful for the smallest things like rainbows and dancing in the rain.

We hosted exchange students and so many times we had people over for holiday dinners who didn’t have family around. Our home and table was always open. This is why family to me is so much more than blood. We have created “family” with people who don’t share our blood and they have graced our lives with special memories and real bonds of friendship.

Today, as I write this blog/book, I know she taught to me listen to other people’s stories. To value each person’s experiences and to provide a hug when needed. I know that she has guided me to this place and she supports my work here. I am so very thankful for a mom that has given so many people so much. I guess that is why so many of my friends and people who know her call her mom. That is OK, my mom taught me to share, too!


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