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Our Children Are Black & We Are White

I shouldn’t have to writ this post. I actually despise having to  write this post. But we feel like we need to write this post for several reasons.

The scars of history are still fresh for racism and prejudice in this country.

Unfortunately, racism is very much alive and well in 2014. I have seen it my entire life. I have witnessed it, by neighbors, people I have called friends, and even family members. I like to think times have changed but for many people, especially older generations time stands still. It is incredibly sad and fundamentally wrong.

We have been blessed to call many people who are from all different races and from various cultures our friends. These people,have enriched our lives, taught us about the world, and helped us to understand ourselves in a much whole different way than we knew possible.

We never hesitated about this decision. But everyone has asked us about it. The social workers have drilled us about making this decision, we are hoping because of the best interest of the child.

My worries are:

  • learning how to do her hair so I don’t ruin it
  • the kids not seeing very many examples of what their family looks like
  • feeling like they have lost a part of their culture
  • and people judging them based on the color of their skin

The last bullet is the scariest. With stories like Trevon Martin and so many other inherent biases you see in the world.

We have so many privileges in this society as white people. We can go to a store and no one thinks we will shoplift. I can find hair products in almost any store I go into.  And the list goes on and on. These may seem like small things or things you never thought of but once you think about having children of a different race your whole world view shifts. We certainly are not african american but now those issues have become alive for us because of our children. In some ways, it is a true shame that those issues didn’t matter as much when we where separate and not tied to the race in any close and personal way like family binds you.

This will make us better citizens. More aware of the world around us. More compassionate people.

We want the best for these kids they have already had it so rough. My mama bear instinct wants to protect them from all the ignorance and hate in this world.

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