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Six Life Lessons my Stepson has Given Me

Chocolate milk, giggles, Legos, tickle fights, tag, the far away lands of his imagination, and everything that is good in the world fill my stepson’s life.

Who knew that such a little creature could show you what is really important about life? He teaches me so many things every single day. Below is my favorite six. But I may have to add to it as he keeps teaching me every day.

1. Start everyday as an adventure. “What are we going to do today?” he always asks in the most excited voice. Whether I say that we are going to camp, or the museum, or to the pool, it doesn’t matter. I get the same big grin and a, “Woo-hoo!” from him. His zest for life is contagious and brings me joy.

2. Learn how to play. When we eat we have fun games like staring at daddy, or the look over there and steal a chip from someone else’s plate, or the favorite of late asking, “Hey got any grapes?” from a funny YouTube video his uncle found. He eats slow and says food is tasty or delicious. And he doesn’t rush away from the table to get things done. He just enjoys the moment.

3. Always be curious. He asks about why the weather works a certain way and when his tomato plant will be ready, and how to tie his shoes. He is always asking questions and learning. He doesn’t feel dumb or shy about it either. He just simply asks. And it is absolutely adorable when the light bulb goes off and he “gets it.”

4. Conquer your fears.  He gets scared of the dark and is afraid to put his head under the water, but he eventually gets over it and doesn’t relish in his fears. He overcomes them almost every day. And learns that he is way stronger than he was yesterday. His bravery is humbling. He is never afraid to be proud of himself, too. He will shout his triumphs to anyone who will listen.

5. Love like there is no tomorrow. His enthusiasm for the people around him is amazing. He will run into your arms and give you the biggest hug and smile anytime you ask. He often shares that he loves us “too much.” Is that even possible? He says he loves us more than the solar system or the galaxy. His love literally is not confined by space. It is just a pure gift of acceptance.

6. Smile and wave. He makes friends so easily. Within just mere moments he has charmed the gate guards on base, or made two friends at church, or is playing ball at the pool. There is no wavering or wondering about that person, just, “Hey! You want to play?

What have you learned from your kids?